The Los Alamitos Football team had an exceptional season that showcased their prowess on the field. Although their journey concluded in the quarterfinals, the team’s outstanding performance did not go unnoticed, with a remarkable 19 players earning All-League honors.

A total of 13 players secured coveted spots on the 1st Team All-League. Alonzo Esparza, the skilled #12 QB, led the charge, supported by standouts such as Anthony League (#25 RB), Makai Stewart (#59 OL), Kapono Mao (#52 OL), and Kamar Mothudi (#32 LB). The team’s defensive prowess was evident with Jackson Raguse (#22 LB), Ivrick Carrigan (#26 LB), and Manoah Faupusa (#78 DL) making significant contributions.

The offensive firepower was equally impressive, featuring Hayden Eligon II (#14 WR), Carson Clark (#10 WR), Davon Mitchell (#4 TE), and Isaiah Rubin (#5 DB). Joshua Tucheck (#2 DB) rounded out the stellar defensive lineup.

Adding to the accolades, six players earned spots on the 2nd Team All-League. Foster Slaughter (#21 SS), Zechariah Misa (#44 LB), and Jerod Terry (#7 RB) showcased their skills alongside Zion Scrivens (#56 OL), Lenny Ibarra (#28 RB), and Pearson Sapiga (#43 LB).

The team’s overall performance reflected a successful season, finishing with an impressive 11-3 record and securing the title of Undefeated League Champions. Although the quarterfinals brought an end to their playoff run, the Los Alamitos Football team demonstrated resilience, skill, and a collective commitment to excellence throughout the season.