Los Alamitos high school sophomore athlete Ja’Myron Baker has committed to the University of Southern California (USC).

Baker is a talented player who excels in both offense and defense, making him one of the top prospects in the class of 2026. As a freshman, he performed exceptionally well as a wide receiver and cornerback for the Griffins. Despite his versatility, he chose to commit to USC as a receiver.

“I’ve always had a strong desire to attend USC, so I saw no reason to delay my decision,” Baker stated. “I’ve been contemplating this for some time, and the timing just felt right for me.”

Baker holds a remarkable rapport with the coaching staff, including coach Huard, coach Simmons, and coach Riley. According to him, when one is clear about their aspirations, there is no need for hesitation. He wanted to secure his spot at USC, and now that he has made his decision, he feels a great sense of relief.

Baker communicated his commitment to the coaching staff earlier today before the commencement of a game. “I began contemplating this on Thursday,” he said. “I’ve had several conversations with coach Huard, including one in the locker room before the game. We then approached coach Riley, and I informed him of my intent to become a Trojan. We both felt immense excitement. My mom and I couldn’t stop smiling.”

The Trojans were the first school to extend an offer to Baker in July 2022. “I was their first choice for wide receiver in the class of 2026,” Baker revealed. “During an unofficial visit to the campus, Lincoln Riley offered me a spot on the team, which was a monumental moment for me.”

One of the appealing aspects of USC, according to Baker, is Lincoln Riley’s reputation as a brilliant developer of quarterbacks. “He consistently works with exceptional quarterbacks, and I admire his offensive system,” Baker explained. “With coach Riley leading the team, I know I can count on having a great quarterback to deliver the ball to me. The offensive style suits my abilities perfectly.”

Baker also mentioned that watching true freshman Zachariah Branch make an immediate impact on the team was eye-opening for him. “At USC, they give playing time to the best individuals, regardless of their class year,” Baker observed. “Observing what Branch has achieved already is truly exciting, and I would love to make a similar early contribution.”

Physically, Baker possesses an athletic 6-foot-1-inch, 170-pound frame. As previously mentioned, he is known for his versatility, which has made him stand out among his peers. Our interest in Baker began during his middle school years, and two years ago, he received MVP recognition at the highly competitive Under The Radar Straight Baller Camp.

During the previous season, Baker had an impressive performance, catching 32 passes for 494 yards and scoring five touchdowns for the Griffins, with fellow teammate Malachi Nelson throwing him the ball. He is a fluid athlete with the ability to make difficult catches look effortless, utilizing exceptional body control and acrobatic skills.

Baker’s defensive skills were equally remarkable. Towards the latter part of the season, he primarily played as a cornerback and demonstrated natural talent in the position. His cover instincts and physicality in supporting the run showed immense promise.

Due to an injury during the off-season, Baker has not yet competed this year. However, he emphasized that his injury did not influence his early commitment. “To be honest, the injury did not play a role in my decision,” Baker clarified. “I chose USC because it is truly where I want to be. The coaches have shown unwavering support, which means a lot to me. Although I’m not at 100% currently, I will make a full recovery, and the coaches have been nothing but encouraging. I’m enthusiastic about contributing to this class, and with Julian Lewis already committed, I believe we can achieve something extraordinary.”

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